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Who governs Britain? Not ministers, it seems - by Stephen Daisley for the Spectator - 14.04.22

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

With the cancer of ‘woke’ ripping through so many of our public institutions, we make no apology at BringItBack for re-circulating articles on the subject from earlier in the year.

One example is the championing of gender self-identification at the Ministry of Justice of all places, according to Stephen Daisley in an article for the Spectator from April of this year.

“According to an email seen by the Telegraph, prison service director general Phil Copple wrote to staff last Friday to say:

Following the decision last year for the MoJ to not renew its membership with the Stonewall diversity scheme and wider issues in the press, MoJ transgender staff are feeling increasingly vulnerable.”

This statement appears to have put the permanent official in the department at logger heads with his elected boss, the former Justice Secretary Robert Buckland who was increasingly concerned at the influence of radical gender ideology in Stonewall's training. That in itself is bad enough. But the implications of Phil Copple’s statement are even more worrying:

“On its own, the email is eyebrow-raising but it is even more so given the venomous culture war over gender self-identification, an ideology embraced by governmental, public sector, corporate and academic elites which says that a man who believes himself to be a woman is a woman because he says so (and vice versa). Failure to affirm him in his belief is bigoted, transphobic and contributes to crimes against and suicide by transgender people.

Given the broader political context, it is difficult to regard the email as anything other than an act of defiance against a ministerial decision of which civil servants apparently disapprove.”

Thus we return full circle to the days of Edward Heath and the question he put to the country back in 1974: Who governs Britain? Then the battle was with the miners. Today it appears to be with the civil service. Who will win this time?

The full article in pdf can be found below with a link to the original here:

Article for the Spectator by Stephen Daisley -Who governs Britain - not ministers it seems
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