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When will politicians respect the silent majority? - by Tim Pope FCA for Brexit Watch

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Here is an important message for our politicians when Tim Pope FCA expresses his well-considered view that they ignore the views of the silent majority at their peril. As he says in his article:

APTLY NAMED ‘the silent majority’, they are just that. Silent! The occasion when they find their voice and it is heard, is election time.

‘The silent majority’ is not against well considered and sensible change but it is not in favour of pandering to minority pressure groups. There are examples every day of vocal minorities shouting loudly and politicians lending their support. For many of these ‘the silent majority’ look on appalled. Accepting a distortion of our history, the pulling down statues or taking blame for slavery are all examples at which ‘the silent majority’ look on with dropped jaw.

Follow this link to Brexit Watch for Tim Pope’s full article: 

For a pdf version of this article you can follow this link:

Article by Tim Pope for Brexit Watch 29
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Here is a link to more of Tim Pope’s articles in our Dropbox

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