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What Keir Starmer can learn from Corbyn - by Paul Embery for Unherd - 19.04.22

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Paul Embery, fire-fighter, Trade Union member and Labour party activist offers up a policy framework which seeks to address the long-standing and entrenched inequalities of the current neo-liberal economic system.

And in doing so, he acknowledges Jeremy Corbyn’s contribution to the debate in the run-up to the last election, arguing that on this issue at least Labour could do worse than to take a leaf from the book of its former, now disgraced, leader:

“While it is de rigueur for political pundits to now claim that “Corbynomics” were in large part responsible for the party’s annihilation in 2019, the reality in that much of the agenda was popular — far more so than the man after whom it was named. People like the idea of an increase in the minimum wage; they frown upon huge disparities in wealth and income; they are sympathetic to progressive taxation and public ownership of key utilities and services; they want regional inequalities addressed and boardroom excesses tackled; they support the concept of worker representation on company boards."

Combining economic radicalism with small ‘c’ social conservatism might be the way to reconnect Labour with its traditional heartlands:

"If the party wanted a truly bold idea to express a new economic philosophy, it might embrace the “family wage” — a concept designed to ensure that families are able to enjoy a decent quality of life on the wages of one earner. This really would signal a revolution, as many across the Labour movement bristle at the proposal whenever someone is brave enough to float it.

In any event, Labour must seek to use the current crisis as a springboard to set a new economic narrative. But, in doing so, it must not strive to exorcise every demon from the years 2015-19. While ridding the party of the worst elements of Corbynism is certainly no ignoble ambition, an indiscriminate blitz would be injudicious and counter-productive electorally.

The full article can be read here with a link to the original beneath it:

Article by Paul Embery for Unherd - What Starmer can learn from Corbyn - 19.04.22
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Keir Starmer - leader of the Labour Party - the UK opposition party

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