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What future do we have if the woke warriors destroy our past? - by Douglas Murray

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Here is an excellent article by Douglas Murray which inter alia makes these points:

"A healthy, humane and – in the truest sense – liberal mind does not view history as a mere playpen for our moral judgment. It recognises that people in the past acted on the information they had, as much as we do today. That while there are things they will have done that we presently deplore, nevertheless there are things that a person can bestow on their successors without having to have been in lock-step with the fast-changing ethical standards of 2020.

Most importantly, it would recognise the central fallacy of the current attitude towards the past. Which is that if the people that had gone before us had not done what they had done – including things that we now regard as mistakes – then we would not be here, in the state we are in, to judge them as we presently do."

To read all of the article click on this link:

Article by Douglas Murray for the Telegr
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