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Weakening our defences: dangers in the Political Declaration - by Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Here is an article first published by Briefings for Britain under the imprimatur of Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley who was deputy commander of the NATO-led ISAF force in Afghanistan. He also commanded British forces in Bosnia, Sierra Leone and Iraq. He is a military historian and visiting lecturer at Birmingham University and King’s College London, Department of War Studies, and an author and lecturer on Military and Defence Security around the globe.

The article is entitled “Weakening our defences: dangers in the Political Declaration” and can be found on the Briefings for Britain website by following this link: 

The article can also be found in our Archive in pdf by following this link:

Article by Lt
. General Jonathon Riley 20

The article was based on concerns expressed by Lt. General Jonathon Riley when he made an important presentation at 61 Whitehall on Monday 2 September 2019. A summary of that presentation can be found on the website of Briefings for Britain with the title of "The Defence Threat from Hidden EU Deals" by following this link: 

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