We must not allow takeovers by global firms to undermine British science - by Charles Moore

We may be at an important inflexion point as regards Britain's relations with its global competitors according to Charles Moore in this weekend's Daily Telegraph. No longer enslaved to short-term shareholder value, British policy-makers may finally be waking up to the importance of sustained, exclusive relations between British science and British business to the mutual benefit of both.

The timing could not be more opportune: AstraZeneca's success in thwarting Pfizer's takeover bid in 2014 may now be bearing fruit with the production of its own Covid vaccine alongside that of its rival.

The article concludes by citing "a letter, written by Joe Biden a few days before he took office, to Eric Lander, president of the Broad Institute at MIT and Harvard. It sets out five questions for scientists, saying: “Science and technology have flourished in the United States because of a rich ecosystem of people, policies, and institutions. This ecosystem must be nurtured and refreshed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.” It would seem to be a good moment to enrich that ecosystem here too.

The article can be read in full below, with links to the original beneath it.

Article for the Daily Telegraph by Charl
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