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We must bat for the City of London and keep it out of Brussels' clutches - by Barnabas Reynolds

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I am proud to be able circulate this article by Barnabas Reynolds for the Telegraph 30.07.20 entitled:

We must bat for the City of London and keep it out of Brussels' clutches.

If you are a subscriber to the Telegraph, here is the link.

If not please read the article in pdf by clicking on this link.

Article by Barnabas Reynolds for the Tel
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Barnabas Reynolds is a partner in Shearman & Sterling whose partners did so much to help Midland Bank from 1983-86 when it had so much to resolve with the banks’ ill-fated investment in Crocker Bank in 1982.

In an article dated 15.10.20, Dan Hodson (Director of the Independent Business Network and Chairman of City for Britain) wrote this article entitled:

Brexit will allow us to unlock the City of London's full potential. It offers the UK the chance to carve out its own framework that ensures the City’s global leadership, while also reducing systemic risk. See here for the full article:

Article by Dan Hodson for the Telegraph
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Good news!! In an article from City A.M.dated 23.10.20, it was announced that the Secretary of State for International Trade (Liz Truss) had signed a trade agreement with Japan. The article is entitled "Finance not fish - The trade deal with Japan focuses on what matters for the City" and will be of considerable advantage to both the UK and Japan.

Click on this link for the full article in pdf.

Article for CityAM 23.10
.20 - Finance no
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We enclose this important addendum, announced by the Governor of the Bank of England in anticipation of potential pitfalls for the City as Britain engages in future trade discussions with the EU over financial services.

"Britain must not become a “rule-taker” of Brussels’ mandates on financial services in the next stage of Brexit talks, as it is key to retain control of regulations governing the vital industry," according to Andrew Bailey in the Daily Telegraph dated 6th January 2021.

Here is the article in full in pdf below.

Britain must not be forced to take EU ru
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