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‘We loved her so much’: France reacts to news of the Queen’s death - by Emma Morgan for Connexion

Tributes have continued to pour in from all over the world following the announcement of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.

None have been more effusive than those from France and in the spirit of Entente Cordiale made famous by the Queen’s great-grandfather Edward VII, we are pleased to publish the following two articles on reaction to the news of her passing:

The first is by Emma Morgan for ‘Connexion’ – a journal serving the English-speaking community in France.

The second is by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, a French journalist working for the Telegraph from Paris.

'We loved her so much' - France reacts to news of the Queen's death - By Emma Morgan - for
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Elizabeth II embodied a monarchy France never had - by Anne-Elisabeth Moutet for the Teleg
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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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