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Use of green methane in transport and power generation – interim results of the MethanQuest project

Here is a press release from Rolls Royce dated 18.03.21:

The research group MethanPower, coordinated by Rolls-Royce Power Systems, is currently investigating a concept involving a large-sized innovative Otto engine fueled by hydrogen. Used in power generation, the aim is for this engine to achieve the power density of a natural gas engine with minimum emissions. The picture shows the test bench with the single-cylinder engine at the Technical University of Munich.

  • New technologies for producing gas from renewable sources

  • Testing of hydrogen, methanol and methane for use in ships, cars and power generation

  • LNG supply and microgrid concept for Karlsruhe inland port

The flagship project MethanQuest was launched in September 2018, and on it a total of 29 partners from research, industry and the energy sector have come together to work on processes for producing hydrogen and methane from renewables and for using them to achieve climate-neutral mobility and power generation.

The project participants have now submitted their interim results. These relate to electrolysis systems for producing hydrogen, both on land and in offshore wind parks, equipment for producing methane, the use of gas engines in cars, ships and CHP plants, and concepts for energy systems that efficiently couple the transport, electrical power, gas and heating sectors. Common to all plant and processes is the integration of renewable energies.

For the full press release in pdf, please click here:

Rolls Royce Press Release 18.03
.21 - Use
Download 21 - USE • 179KB

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