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This immigration disaster will trigger a new political insurgency - by Nigel Farage - 26.08.22

When reality outstrips fiction, you know how hopeless things have become. What we are witnessing from across the Channel outstrips even the most farcical plot.

In 2003 Universal Pictures released ‘Johnny English’ – a spoof on the James Bond franchise, in the first of a trilogy of British comedy-cum-spy dramas in which our hero, played by Rowan Atkinson attempts to thwart French villain Pascale Sauvage (played by Emmanuel Macron - sorry - John Malkovich) – from stealing the Crown of England and transforming mainland Britain into the world’s biggest prison.

Well, Bienvenue, Pascale! it appears our own government is facilitating you in that very endeavour.

In an article for the Telegraph, Nigel Farage outlines the seriousness of the current situation and believes that things are now so serious they may well trigger a political insurgency.

Everywhere hangs the stench of fear and betrayal and the government only has itself to blame:

“The truth is that Boris Johnson’s government never had any intention of doing anything meaningful about immigration. We are at the end of yet another week of total humiliation. Thousands of new arrivals have turned up uninvited on our shores, escorted by the Border Force and the RNLI and in the full expectation that British taxpayers are going to fund any aspect of their lives that is immediately necessary (healthcare and housing being the obvious needs).

Isn’t it time that politicians stopped treating the public like idiots? Shouldn’t they cease mouthing platitudes about desperate people fleeing war-torn countries to make perilous crossings in dangerous boats and start telling the truth?”

To pursue the Johnny English metaphor

“Albania is being emptied of their young men as they make their way to northern France in order to cross the English Channel, despite their country being a peaceful destination for English tourists. These people currently account for a large proportion of those coming here in small boats.”

But this is small fry compared to the numbers coming ‘above board.’

“Home Office figures published this week show that a staggering 1.1 million people were granted settlement visas in the year to June 2022. Despite the endless Remoaner narrative that UK labour shortages are the fault of Brexit, work visas rocketed by 72 per cent compared with the pre-pandemic year of 2019. Indeed, there are now a record 6.3 million foreign-born workers in Britain legally who are considered to be active in the economy. That’s getting on for 10 per cent of the British population.”

We are reaching breaking point:

“With such vast numbers arriving here by whatever means, something has got to give.

The situation is so bad that I believe the moment for a new political insurgency is nearly upon us. Anger over the pace and rate of demographic change in our towns and cities – specifically at a time of deep economic difficulty – is growing. I led a previous political insurgency as the leader of Ukip. Britons may well find that the next insurgent leader in the UK, whoever he or she may be, is nowhere near as moderate as I was.”

The full article can be read below with a link to the original here:

Article for the Telegraph by Nigel Farage - This immigration disaster will trigger a new p
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