The worst times are returning - by Charles Moore for the Telegraph - 24.06.22

It’s not just the multiple external pressures hammering away at the government which so concern people, according to Charles Moore in theTelegraph - 24.06.22.

“It is also because there is little confidence that the Government has conceptualised the problems and mapped a path out of them.

Worse, this internal anxiety centres on the Prime Minister. I have in front of me a piece that appeared in the Times in June 2019. It is entitled “The Tories are in deep trouble. Only Boris can save us” and its authors are Rishi Sunak, Robert Jenrick and Oliver Dowden. They would not write that now. Ils sont passés, les beaux jours. Yet they have no alternative, even though, a few months back, Mr Sunak himself seemed the perfect candidate.”

It is not that Boris today is inactive. He speaks, he travels, he launches initiatives and puts on a variety of hats and hi-vis jackets to show his engagement with workers and public services. But because he has not entered a postcode into his political satnav, colleagues do not know his direction. Does he?”

In addition, whole policy areas are also being neglected:

“Given the economy’s central importance in the success of a free country, I am constantly amazed that no British politician since the 1990s has really tried to lead economics politically. From Tony Blair onwards, all they have done is to boast of higher public spending, occasionally (early Gordon Brown, early George Osborne) tempering this with bouts of prudence.

Their neglect is a domestic version of Western military forgetfulness after victory in the Cold War – the heresy that any great political problem can be permanently solved.

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