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The UK government could avoid tax rises if they made these cost-savings in the NHS - 28.01.22

Report from John O'Connell, Chief Executive, TaxPayers' Alliance in the Sun Newspaper

WHY is it that every time a public service comes under pressure, politicians always want to dip further into our pockets?

We all know that staff in the NHS performed heroically during the pandemic and are now facing a backlog, including crucial cancer appointments.

And we value the tireless work of care home staff, pulling together in a social care system that needs fixing.

Eight cost-savings in the NHS that could see Boris Johnson scrap the planned National Insurance hike

But a National Insurance rise — as planned for this April by the Government — is no sustainable way to solve these two problems. Instead of increasing National Insurance, the answer is to make better use of the money we have.

If we want to spend without picking the pockets of the poor to pay for it, we need to save money first.

How to properly fund social care is a question most politicians have dodged. That’s because, with more people living longer, costs are going up.

But the current model — tax rises to cover costs — just papers over the cracks.

So how can the Government save that money from what it already spends?

Here I highlight areas where costs could be saved . . . 

  • Invest in automation - Savings £12billion

  • Prolifigacy - Savings £360,000+

  • Scale back test and trace - Savings up to £15billion

  • Fair price for essentials - Savings £700 million

  • End health tourism - Savings £55million

  • Cull agency and outside staff - Savings £480million

  • Reduce quangos - Savings £790million

  • Stop missing appointments - Savings £350million

For the full report in pdf, please click here:

Report from the TaxPayers’ Alliance – the government could avoid tax rises if they made th
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