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The UK constitution is in a state of deep disrepair. Its governing system does not ‘do’ systematic

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

By Daniel Wincott for UK in a Changing Europe, Director of Governance after Brexit and Blackwell Professor of Law and Society at Cardiff University.

Dated 19th December 2020

The article ends with this statement:

The UK constitution is in a state of deep disrepair. Its governing system does not ‘do’ systematic constitutional reform. The Johnson administration’s search for autonomy and control rests on very thin simplifications of a complex reality. Having shown undeniable skill at reading England electorally, it is locked into campaign mode and, for the purposes of government, is poorly equipped to make sense of UK. In the search for a cure, the tendency is to double-down on the causes of fiasco and constitutional fracture – and in so doing to deepen the constitution’s disrepair. Faced with a deep existential challenge, political leaders across the UK would do well to work much harder on the totality of relationships among the peoples – and nations – of these islands – whatever constitutional form those relationships may come to take.

The article is headed: "The possible break-up of the United Kingdom" but the title posted here is much more appropriate and can be read in full by clicking on this link:

Article by Professor Daniel Wincott for
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On the same subject, here is an excellent article by Ed Robertson for Briefings for Britain dated 12.01.20:

Boris’s blow against SNP’s independence dream

Ed Robertson lives in Scotland and is retired from a career in medicine in Scotland and Hong Kong.

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For your convenience, here is the article in pdf:

Article by Ed Robertson for Briefings fo
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