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The Tories' half-hearted culture war dooms Britain to woke domination - by Sherelle Jacobs

Continuing her theme on the vacuity at the heart of the Johnson administration (See archive: 'This government will be swept away unless it has a story to tell), Sherelle Jacobs exposes the cancerous growth of woke culture which has extended to almost every part of our public life and threatens to destroy it in the process.

No longer confined to university campuses or the public sector, it now afflicts the private sector too and the implications for all of us are now too serious to ignore.

Her concluding remarks highlighted in the third paragraph below should fill everyone with foreboding.

"Consider Ikea and Octopus pulling their adverts from GB News, Twitter’s Trump ban, or the top consultancies cashing in on trends in the diversity “industry”. We are witnessing the emergence of a new woke industrial complex; in a stagnant economy, a self-sustaining professional class is using the latest Left-wing cultural mantras to capture organisations. For all the deep thinking that the Tories engaged in over Brexit, they have little profound to say about any of this.

Radical thinking not just on how to challenge wokeness, but how the latter is thriving in a “BBC” economic system – one characterised by alienation from the customer and total corporate bureaucratisation – is desperately needed. That probably won’t be forthcoming until centre-Right thinkers have space to explore big and radical ideas in universities, free from no-platforming and career intimidation.

The Beeb, in a way, still holds the key to the scale of the war ahead, but for the opposite reasons to those the Tories make out. The problem isn’t that it’s hopelessly out of touch – but that it’s a terrifying window into the future unless the centre-Right acts."

The full article can be read here with a link to the original beneath it:

Article for the Telegraph by Sherelle Jacobs - The Tories half-hearted culture war dooms B
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