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The Panacea of Science and Technology by Rudi Bogni for the Wilmott Magazine

Rudi Bogni is a former banker and a member of The Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) ( ).

Here is a thoughtful article in which he decries the divisive use of technology when he says:

"What is most troubling to me is that

governments, administrations, banks, insurance

companies, and corporates are adopting one-size fits-

all approaches in dealing with citizens, clients,

and consumers.

Enter the fight against cash and cheques, the

ruthless pushing of online banking onto unwilling

clients, the forcing of citizens to use poorly constructed

apps for e-government services, and the

equally poorly built apps for health services.

Younger, more technically minded citizens and

consumers may find their way around bad apps;

the elderly, the poor and marginalized, or the less

technically skilled may be left helpless and disenfranchised."

Click on this link for the full article:

Article by Rudi Bogni for the Wilmott Ma
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