The EU Commission are the roadblock to a deal - not its member states - by Dr. Lee Rotherham

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The Commission has within it the power to deliver a flexible deal which benefits both sides, argues Dr Rotherham in this week's Global Vision.

"But only if they...want to. If they don't, that detail alone suggests genuine bad will at the heart of the Brussels' institutions, and that the arrangements they are otherwise set on are not worth the salt."

He outlines and explains the motives and options available to the commission in the pdf article below entitled "286 reasons why No Deal is still better than a bad deal">

14th October 2020
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Circulation by us of the above article provoked interest leading to us being asked to add the link below to a YouTube video of a discussion among members of The Freedom Association ( ) who were notably Martin Howe QC, Dr Lee Rotherham, Barney Reynolds and David Jones MP with Alex Deane chairing the meeting on Zoom. 

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