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The Developing Food and Water Crisis - article from Geopolitical Futures - 05.04.23

There are many issues facing the world today with potential to cause major conflicts in the future. Chief among them are food and water, which have been sources of conflict between and within nations throughout human history.

As a subscriber to Geopolitical Futures, we wanted to share a new compilation to thank you for your readership. This report picks up where our last report left off, focusing this time on the developing food and water crisis around the globe. We hope you'll find it valuable. The report is a collection of our recent analyses to help you navigate the current crises, as well as an introduction from Director of Analysis Allison Fedirka. Featured analysis includes:

  • The Importance of Russia's Grain Exports

  • Ongoing Droughts in North and South America

  • Food Insecurity and Inflation

  • Water Scarcity in the Arab World

And much more

The report runs to 47 pages and can be dowloaded here:

Download PDF • 9.56MB

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