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The cynical wokeness of Cambridge colleges - by Professor Robert Tombs for Unherd

Woke and Wealth seem to be the twin-guidelines for Cambridge Colleges today as they set about competing with other universities for lucrative sponsorship deals around the world according to Professor Robert Tombs who reports from the inside on current activity within the History faculty.

Far from the students being the chief instigators of the 'woke' agenda, it is the University and College administrations themselves who continue to propagate and defend it with such determination.

And the reason is obvious: their commercial survival depends upon it.

But the hypocrisy which lies at its heart of this strategy is not hard to detect: Professor Tombs cites the example of Jesus College:

“Their embarrassing record of lucrative sycophancy towards the Chinese regime means that discussion of human rights has been regarded as “unhelpful”, and suppressed, in case the College were “perceived as being a campaigning college for freedom for Hong Kong [or] freedom for the Uighurs”.

But if they show limited concern for genocide in the 21st century, they are very sensitive indeed to an investment in the slave trade by their great benefactor Tobias Rustat in the 17th. Him they are busy cancelling, to the extent of trying to remove his memorial from the College chapel. Meanwhile, the college’s China Centre, which “aims to deepen mutual understanding between China and the West by ‘using the past to serve the present’”, blithely continues.”

We are pleased to continue to publicise Professor Tombs’ articles in this war for intellectual freedom and enclose his latest, with a link to the original beneath it:

Article by Professor Robert Tombs - The cynical wokeness of Cambridge colleges - 27.12.21
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