The Complacent Generation of Western leaders has left us weak - by Nick Timothy for the Telegraph

Updated: Mar 4

In the light of current events, we thought it appropriate to draw our subscribers' attention once again to the enclosed article by Nick Timothy.

Originally published in early February, it is an extraordinarily prescient account of the state of play in the West and is nothing less than a call to arms from a "Complacent Generation" which has taken its eye off the ball and left the free world in a perilous state both at home and abroad with a hostile enemy now knocking on its Eastern border.

For the benefit of our subscribers we would draw particular attention to the following paragraphs:

"Everywhere we look the foolishness and naivety of the Complacent Generation is beginning to reveal itself. The examples are many, but the energy crisis especially is a case study in stupidity.

Britain should have approved new nuclear power stations twenty years ago. Yet Blair and Brown dithered, and the Coalition ruled out nuclear subsidies. Theresa May began her premiership promising “an energy policy that emphasises the reliability of supply and lower costs for users.

This should have meant new nuclear and a dash for gas, but instead we got a net zero target with no idea of how to achieve it or what it would cost. Now the Johnson government, even more religious about net zero, opposes fracking and chooses not to exploit North Sea gas fields. Confronting an energy crisis, ministers protest there is little they can do."

And now we are threatened from abroad too. The observations on Ukraine are particularly apposite and we highlight them in bold:

"China has bought its way into our critical national infrastructure, our universities and even, as we learned recently, our democratic institutions. It has corrupted international institutions, from the World Health Organisation to Interpol. It has created rival organisations – such as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank – with the connivance of the British government. It has stolen industrial secrets and increased its economic and military reach around Asia and Africa.

Russia, with troops massed on the Ukrainian border, has already won in its face-off with the West whether it invades or not. It has shown Europe to be hypocritical, weak and, in some cases, corrupt. It has proved German energy needs trump the international order."

The full article can be read here with a link to the original beneath it:

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