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The challenge facing the new leader, for Britain, is existential - by Ewen Stewart for Brexit Watch

At last – an opinion piece which points out in stark and uncompromising terms the existential crisis now facing the country as the candidates in the race to become our next Prime Minister approach the final bend.

Make no mistake, argues Ewen Stuart in an article for Brexit Watch dated 26.08.22

“Britain faces its greatest crisis since the Second World War. The crisis is not just energy and cost-of-living, self-inflicted as that is. It is far, far more.

The challenge is economic, cultural, institutional, societal and constitutional. In essence it is becoming existential and will only be resolvable with a degree of leadership showing philosophical compass, honesty, integrity and sheer determination that we can only trust the new leader can muster.

This is no longer a case of a nudge here, a slight change at the tiller there. If Britain is to survive in any recognisable form, a complete, total and utter change of direction is required and urgently. So far I am not hearing that echo from the Bridge.“

Depressingly, neither Truss nor Sunak nor indeed the entire political establishment seem to have the least idea of the sheer scale of the challenge now confronting them:

“Debate has been supressed with no meaningful discourse on most of the key issues of the day from monetary extremism, the equality agenda and quotas, lockdown, the woke agenda, the climate emergency(or even if there is one at all) migration and the like.

These are all highly contentious areas, with direct impact on people’s lives where in wider society there is active debate and indeed much disquiet. But not in Parliament, or in the BBC, where these matters are, in their minds, settled and kept well away from the Barbarians."

To appease the media and save their skin

“Governments have adopted short term fixes over strategic direction on the basis if it blows up at least it won’t be ‘on my watch.’ Power is everything, wrapped-up in a moral language of equality and fairness, when it is anything but.

Politics probably largely was always expedient but in times gone by when the state was small, the institutions broadly conservative and it did not concern itself in the personal sphere, the game did not matter so much. Now as our leaders profess authority in every aspect of humanity, public and private, it sure does.”

The root of our economic problems, according to the author lies in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

“the wondrous and fantastical idea that HMG can print, print and print – to dish it out on furlough, bounce back loans and the like without consequence. If only it was so simple Argentina would be rich."

In truth it's a policy which goes back years

“with Gordon Brown’s decision, copied in much of the western world, to adopt unconventional monetary policies. Effectively crashing interest rates to zero and printing money provided a short term stop gap to prop up a collapsed financial system which arguably had failed, in the US, as a result of Clinton’s desire to bend lending criteria to certain marginalised groups.”

To compound the economic error, they have been playing fast and loose with energy policy too:

“HMG, without having a clue as to what the economic implications might be by the dash to ‘meet our climate obligations,’ cancelled fossil fuel. This, despite the fact that what the UK does has close to zero impact globally (the UK’s carbon emissions are less than 1% of the global total).

Britain could have been self-sufficient in power with North Sea and fracking assets. The irony is this would not have jeopardised investment in new technology which in time might have become more efficient than carbon. Instead consumers will see utility bills in excess of £4000 per annum as direct result of HMG failure.

They can blame Putin as much as they like but the truth is Government did not prepare for all eventualities and put dogma and ideology ahead of our energy security.”

But it is not just in the economic sphere that the country’s future hangs by a thread:

“Perhaps an even greater threat is the insidious creep of cultural Marxism in our institutions. It is everywhere. The impact is a collapse the traditional family, the birth rate, social engineering in University and the workplace, a migration policy in total disarray to the extent that net migration topped one million last year in total contradiction to every manifesto pledge, a police force increasingly influenced by woke attitudes, a hollowed out armed forces who appear to prioritise diversity above defence and the state broadcaster that celebrates woke in its most extreme form.

The Government might say they do not wish to enter the field of culture, but that is fork-tongued as would the heads of the armed forces behave as they are without political direction? I think not. “

There is, in conclusion, the more general worrying point which affects us all:

“In two short generations the erosion of our freedoms is unprecedented, aided by digital technology and in its place a bullying state no longer just content with economic mismanagement but now dictating on culture, morality and ethics. Our politics has left merely the economic sphere to become total encompassing almost all areas of life, public and private.

Can Truss fix it? I hope to be proved wrong.”

The full article can be read below with a link to the original here:

Article for Brexit Watch by Ewen Stewart - The challenge facing the new leader is existens
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Brexit Watch

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