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Singapore-on-Thames. Which one? by Jill Rutter

The promise (or promised threat) of a free-wheeling, de-regulated, low-tax economy freed from its shackles with the EU may not be quite the vision we've been offered, according to Jill Rutter, senior research fellow of 'UK in a Changing Europe.'

On agriculture, for example, Lord Frost, Britain's Chief EU negotiator "pointed out that regulating agriculture in the UK did not mean lower standards but could produce rules more suited to the UK “rather than being forced to work with rules designed for growing conditions in central France.” "

Furthermore "It is far from clear that Boris Johnson’s new Conservative coalition, dependent as it is on many working class former Labour voters, is full of convinced deregulators.

Nor is the Government hellbent on turning the UK into a low tax haven. Its first act on taxation was to cancel a planned reduction in corporation tax to 17% announced by David Cameron’s Chancellor – to plough the extra money into public services."

"But this is where it comes nearer to another interpretation of the Singapore model. Rather than a minimalist state, this is Government that favours state activism: it sees itself as having a significant role promoting the businesses of the future – which is why it does not want to tie its hands on state aid. Interestingly, though, that is an agenda we usually associate with Labour, not the Conservatives."

The full article can be read in pdf here >

Article by Jill Rutter for UK in a Chang
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