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Scotland would be less independent outside the UK and inside the EU - by Professor Vernon Bogdanor

"Until around 1989 the SNP was indeed a separatist party. Since then, however, it has abjured separatism and now favours an independent Scotland within the European Union," according to Professor Vernon Bogdanor in an article in this week's Scotsman. "But would independence in Europe allow Scots to “take back control”, to adapt a phrase? It seems unlikely. Indeed, Scotland would probably have less control than she has now."

"She is currently represented at Westminster by 59 MPs – one in 11 of the total – in the Commons. She has a good chance of being able to determine the colour of the next British government – as she did during the premierships of Harold Wilson and Tony Blair. She could be crucial in the next general election.

But Scotland, it might be said, will be represented in EU institutions. The powers of the Scottish government, however, will be shared with 27 other governments over whom she will have no influence. And one in 28 is a smaller proportion than the one in 11 at Westminster, a Parliament in which she can exert influence."

The full article can be read here together with a link to the original beneath it.

Article by Vernon Bogdanor for The Scots
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