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Rolls-Royce Submarines opens Nuclear Skills Academy – Press Release – 26.09.22

Rolls-Royce Submarines Ltd has opened the doors of its new Nuclear Skills Academy in Derby this morning. 200 new apprentices from all walks of life streamed into the Academy today for what marks the start of their nuclear careers.

The Nuclear Skills Academy is the first of its kind and aims to sustain nuclear capability within the UK’s submarines programme by creating a dedicated pipeline of talent at the start of their careers.

Based in Derby, the Nuclear Skills Academy is supported by industry and education experts, including the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, the National College for Nuclear, the University of Derby and Derby City Council. This ensures new apprentices have access to the best courses and mentors throughout their apprenticeship.

Rolls-Royce announced its plans for the Nuclear Skills Academy in May 2022 to huge interest from across the UK. With more than 1,200 applicants for only 200 places in its 2022-23 academic year it’s been a tough job to narrow down the successful candidates.

Steve Carlier, President, Rolls-Royce Submarines, said: “We are thrilled by the levels of interest in these apprenticeships, and it highlights how attractive a career in the nuclear sector really is. With the growing demand for clean, carbon-free energy and with our submarines contracts with the MoD likely to sustain us into the next century, this could be a job for life for our new apprentices.”

“Having started with Rolls-Royce as an apprentice myself and being born and bred in Derby, the launch of the Nuclear Skills Academy is especially exciting for me. I’m delighted that we are leading the way in developing nuclear talent for the submarines enterprise and proud that it will all be done in Derby.”

The Nuclear Skills Academy has the funding to provide 200 apprentices each year with nuclear education across four different courses for at least the next 10 years. The support of key industry organisations in driving the project forward has been invaluable for Rolls-Royce.

Andrew Storer from the Nuclear AMRC spoke of the importance of collaboration when it comes to this programme:

“We need to work together to tackle skills shortages which affect the whole nuclear sector. The organisations backing the Nuclear Skills Academy will ensure that apprentices have the best training and support and develop the skills to deliver the UK’s commitments for low-carbon power and national security.

As a former Derby apprentice, I am very proud that we are helping set a new standard for training which could be rolled out across the sector.”

Helen Higgs from National College for Nuclear said: “The Nuclear Skills Academy is a significant development for the sector and the National College for Nuclear is delighted to be able to play a vital role in its creation and future development.

For the full press release in pdf, please click here:

Rolls-Royce Submarines opens Nuclear Skills Academy – Press Release – 26.09.22
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