Queen Elizabeth II - 1926-2022

Updated: Sep 15

On behalf of us all at BringItBack, we would like to join those around the country, indeed around the whole world, in paying tribute to Her Majesty the Queen who died peacefully at Balmoral on Thursday evening.

In a life dedicated to the service of her country, she remained a symbol of constancy and stability in a world engulfed by change.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to the entire Royal Family at this time and join our readers and subscribers in expressing our profound gratitude for all she did and all she stood for. We will never see her like again.

May Her Majesty Rest in Peace.

Queen Elizabeth II 1952- 2022

In addition to our tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, here are some of the leading tributes received by email today from Australia and New Zealand.

From the Union, University and Schools Club: https://mailchi.mp/c154084f8c8d/lunch-with-tony-shepherd-ao-6114823?e=e4eccd19f6

From The Samuel Griffith Society: https://mailchi.mp/3b69cfa66995/samuel-griffith-society-passing-of-her-majesty-the-queen?e=52934739bc

From Government House Sydney: https://members.raca.com.au/northstar/UserFiles/Image/MediaStatementValeHMTheQueenTheAdministrato220909110329.pdf

From the Australian Government: https://www.pmc.gov.au/her-majesty-the-queen

From The Christopher Dawson Centre for Cultural Studies: https://mailchi.mp/dawsoncentre.org/the-queen-is-dead-long-live-the-king?e=4dbb13c4fc

From the Institute of Public Affairs:


From The New Zealand Initiative: https://nzinitiative.outreach.co.nz/?Ns=&Na=view-msg-public&SMESG-oid=27538&Scontact=5634ef4f

From The Mark Steyn Club: https://www.steynonline.com/12797/the-longest-reign-and-a-sudden-end

The Royal Automobile Club of Australia: https://www.raca.com.au/about-us/vale-her-majesty-queen-elizabeth-ii/

The Institute of Chartered Accountants: https://www.charteredaccountantsanz.com/news-and-analysis/news/queen-elizabeth?mkt_tok=OTc4LVJKQy0wMTgAAAGG3McDPzqvE1jitug7CI7stKthDokVZ8vAtbP_tIyySHwPAh_9I8UIbMuzjuFZF5UAyJOKDxRvKEuc5rOF2blbAR_JOScl5qe6QZgA-TsiYNVlCw

A somewhat unusual tribute from one Mateo Szlapek-Sewillo, writing for the Lowy Institute, an Australian international affairs thinktank: https://www.lowyinstitute.org/the-interpreter/history-one-tribute-time

A positive and very interesting tribute by Simon Heffer, also published by the Lowy Institute: https://www.lowyinstitute.org/the-interpreter/queen-elizabeth-ii-country-commonwealth

A good piece from Mark Steyn: https://www.steynonline.com/12811/lodge-and-palace

From Did You Know Education Inc, an Australian education charity, Queen Elizabeth II: Looking upwards and outwards: https://didyouknow.org.au/queen-elizabeth-ii/

From the President of the British Australian Community: https://britishaustraliancommunity.com.au/ and https://britishaustraliancommunity.com.au/a-message-from-the-president-on-the-passing-of-the-queen/

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