Pure education and the life of the mind - by Janet Daley for the Telegraph

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

"Maybe it’s time we stopped talking about exams and started talking about education. What exactly is it for? Should we measure its value to the individual or to the society as a whole? Is it about knowledge for its own sake, or the contribution it makes to the economy? Those questions must be asked in every free society which requires an informed citizenry to function."

A philosophical article in which Janet Daley goes on to explore the importance of pure academic study for its own sake and asks why the opportunity cannot be extended beyond the exclusive preserve of the privileged classes.

Article by Janet Daley for the Telegraph -Britain must break the historical curse of class
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As a counter-weight to Janet's article, I have uploaded an editorial piece, extolling the virtue of practical on-the-job training as the best means of energising a whole generation of young people for whom pure academic study is not appropriate.

Here is the Editor's article in pdf:

Editor's Edition for BringItBack - Vocational Education - 16.08.21 (3)
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