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Polish defense minister Mariusz Błaszczak: Here’s how NATO must adapt - for US Based DefenseNews

This article dated 6th December 2021 begins with these words:

The first two decades of the new millennium have proven the spectrum of security challenges in front of us is unlikely to narrow. Quite the opposite, on top of the “usual” and relatively well-recognized ones, we are being confronted with an array of new threats, which we need to understand better.

Rapid development of emerging technologies, pandemics, deepening scarcity of key natural resources, acceleration of demographic processes, climate change and so on are some of the threats that — just like traditional ones — cannot be tackled single-handedly. Not only do they require a concerted international effort but also a whole-of-government approach, with the military component playing an increasingly active and important role.

Addressing the high dynamics of the global and regional situation will not be effective unless we continuously adapt. Our laws, institutions and mind-sets must adapt. Our military must adapt. NATO must adapt.

We welcome the alliance’s ongoing adaptation along three key aspects: responsiveness, readiness and reinforcement. It is essential that we build on the progress achieved and fully implement the existing strategic initiatives and concepts, such as the Concept of Deterrence and Defense of Euro-Atlantic Area; the NATO Warfighting Capstone Concept; the NATO Readiness Initiative; and the adapted NATO Response Force.

Similarly, we are pleased with the vigorous brainstorming of the next NATO Strategic Concept. A new, forward-looking document, which will be adopted during the 2022 NATO summit in Madrid, Spain, must leave no doubt the alliance remains strong and efficient as well as ready to address the whole spectrum of challenges — in particular, to conduct the most important mission of collective defense.

The need to bolster the current three core tasks is unquestionable. Having been considered by some as obsolete and no longer relevant, collective defense has rightly regained its significance as a core task of the alliance. Crisis management and cooperative security prove their value daily while dealing with transnational threats or instability in NATO’s neighborhood.

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Polish defense minister - Here’s how NATO must adapt By Mariusz Błaszczak for US Based Def
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