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Only government can break the spell of woke activists in our universities - by Eric Kaufmann

Professor Kaufmann begins his article with the following words: "Today is a historic moment in the struggle for freedom of expression. The Government has published a white paper on higher education that explicitly prioritises academic freedom over "emotional safety".

Professor Kaufmann charts the alarming growth of the 'cancel culture' from its origins in the United States to the university campuses here in the UK which threatens to imperil our basic freedoms and can no longer be ignored:

"Whether expressive freedom will continue to be the dominant feature of our society, or speech is to be censored when it runs afoul of "emotional safety" – a subjective mind-state highly susceptible to ideological manipulation – will be a defining question of our age. While most of those over 40 prioritise liberty over hurt feelings, younger generations are more divided, and the survival of a long English tradition of free expression cannot be taken for granted. The Government needed to take a stand, and should be congratulated for doing so."

The full article is enclosed below with a link to the original beneath it.

Article for the Telegraph by Professor E
Download • 122KB


As an addendum to the above, we enclose a statement by the Secretary of State for Education which outlines the legislation discussed above.

Article for the Telegraph by Gavin Willi
Download • 87KB

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