Nicola Sturgeon knows her time has passed - by Henry Hill for the Telegraph

With Covid and the migrant crisis dominating the headlines for so long, other issues including the on-going constitutional question over a second Scottish Referendum appears to have slipped down the agenda on both sides of the border. Henry Hill provides an update on the dilemma now facing the Scottish First Minister as she calculates her next move:

"Nicola Sturgeon is trapped. While many of her activists are growing impatient with their quest for independence, the Scottish electorate is becoming less interested in the constitutional question. This conundrum is becoming increasingly clear to both sides, and the ultimate victim of the arising frustration will be Sturgeon herself.

Almost everyone, including many prominent Unionist supporters of the Remain campaign, had been very insistent that a Leave victory would be a gift to the SNP. Sturgeon herself seems to have believed it, setting her sails the morning after the vote to catch the winds of change.

But they never came. Several years of tortuous and divisive negotiations were not the advert for unpicking the United Kingdom that so many supposed.

It was not until the pandemic, and the Government’s woeful mishandling thereof, that it looked as if public support for independence might be building and the doomsayers got to briefly dust off their I-told-you-sos. But even that fillip seems to have been temporary, and the Union is once again leading the polls."

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