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Newsletter from "The Museum of Brexit" by Dr Lee Rotherham Chairman - December 2021

Hello, and welcome to the Museum of Brexit newsletter. For this edition, we want to focus on just one thing: our drop-off points. We’ve hit our target of fifty nationally and have taken the foot off the pedal in terms of chasing others. We might yet get a couple more and expand the network, and of course, we are open to anyone reading this who spots a gap that they live in, and rather than just complaining instead volunteers their own cupboard space or helps us to plug it by nobbling a friend. As a new aid, the map below gives a quick view of where you can find our ‘dops’, and as you can see there’s not a bad spread. If you go onto our website you will find the details sorted out by region so can work the locations out from there.

Why do we flag this up again now? A couple of reasons. Firstly to remind people that these are run by volunteers who sometimes might be immediately uncontactable, or might be unable to take items for a few days or a couple of weeks because of ‘life happening’ especially over December. So please be patient. Secondly, if you have a big collection, drop us a line centrally as we may need to make special provisions for delivery at our large centrally-located holding point (and please note also that items there will need properly boxing up). But most importantly, we need to flag up that these drop-off points won’t be there forever. At some point in 2022, we will start to collapse the system and centralise what we’ve collected. We will of course continue to accept items, but it will at that point mean delivery to fewer points and eventually just to our museum site. So, the lesson is to make use of this network while we still have it. Over the Chrimbo holidays, so please check your shelves, drawers, cupboard, and attic. Do also remember us whenever your shed or garage is due a clear out. Rather than bin a box of material, now’s the ideal time to pass it on. Whether it’s balloons or beanies from 2016, flyers or T-shirts from 1975, pamphlets from the 90s, old textbooks on European and UK history, or more exotic items that tell a story like a Napoleonic militia shako badge, trade token, or piece of V1 shrapnel – don’t bin it, we may well be able to use it. Anything you can supply that’s new will be a welcome Christmas present for the team here. Do of course remember to add a note telling us the back story and where it’s come from, so we can include your name in our displays as our thank you in return.

Best wishes over Christmas and the festive season to come. Dr Lee Rotherham Chairman, Museum of Brexit

The Museum of Brexit · 4 Lynton Mansions · Mcauley Close · London, London SE1 7BW · United Kingdom

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