Mini nukes can fix Britain's energy woes - by Liam Halligan for the Telegraph

With so much uncertainty surrounding global energy markets Liam Halligan puts the case for domestic nuclear power as a key element in Britain's energy mix once again. Enormous strides in waste disposal makes it one of the safest as well as one of the cleanest, most reliable and geo-politically secure options now available.

"While some environmental purists shun atomic energy, the industry’s hugely improved safety record means nuclear can make a major contribution to decarbonisation – “filling the renewables gap when the when the wind doesn’t blow”. Wind power, while accounting for almost a quarter of UK electricity last year, remains expensive, as well as unreliable.

Since this energy crisis intensified last week, it has emerged the UK government is in talks with America’s Westinghouse to build the planned large-scale reactor on Anglesey. Any deal, ahead of November’s Cop26 climate change conference, would be presented as part of efforts to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050.

Such a plant could become operational in the mid-2030s and generate power for 6m of the UK’s 30m or so homes. That surely makes sense."

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