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Lateral thinking is upending age-old industries - Report from the Financial Times - 14.02.23

In a world where lateral thinking is upending age-old industries, businesses require an intelligence edge.

The Edge of Intelligence, explores how successful business leaders are aligning their data strategies with commercial objectives to best exploit market intelligence, navigate disruption and create additional revenue streams.

Read this report to discover:

  • The most effective data sources for strategic decision-making

  • New tools & technologies to interpret your data and draw the right insights

  • How to utilise and share data across your organisation in real time

  • AI capabilities that will super-charge your market intelligence and drive ROI

The Edge of Intelligence examines the current and future state of data intelligence and offers important lessons for businesses that are now wondering how to do better.

Market intelligence helps businesses understand the needs of their customers, accelerate their growth, and adapt quickly to evolving environments. But many need help to capture these dividends.

New research conducted with more than 500 readers of the Financial Times suggests that many businesses are now committed to spending more on market intelligence. However, it also reveals anxiety about how to maximise returns on investment. This report explores how leaders are overcoming such concerns; confident they can exploit fresh sources of data, navigate disruption and create new revenue streams.

For the full report in pdf, please click here:

Download PDF • 1.72MB

Financial Times | Bracken House, 1 Friday Street, London, EC4M 9BT, UK

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