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Jacinda Ardern – on the way out, but crowing? - by Amy Brooke for the Spectator Australia 26.03.22

The socialists have done untold damage to New Zealand, sorry, Aotearoa

Few doubt that the prime minister who has done more damage to New Zealand than would have been thought possible is on the way out. However, the gradual ratcheting up of anti-conservative, anti-democratic policies by a hard-left government – underpinned by neo-Marxist control – typically fails to be reversed by an incoming opposition. And although policy reforms are touted, there is little sign that a National government, under Christopher Luxon, is intellectually equipped to tackle Ardern’s destructive elevation of tribalism and identity politics.

One of the biggest lessons for the West to take on board is that a country’s leaders, with powerful politicians controlling important portfolios, can actually be subversive in intent – as arguably is happening in New Zealand. In the US, a president of obviously declining mental capacity apparently has his puppet strings pulled by those whose agenda is not pro-American. Canadian Justin Trudeau raises similar questions, one the Romans, with their mistrust of power, constantly asked: Cui bono? For whose benefit do these leaders have the bit between their teeth?

This Labour coalition’s tenure shows a dismal record of broken promises and incompetence. Mismanagement of Covid-19 poorly protected frontline workers. Over three hundred overseas entertainers were allocated quarantine places ahead of New Zealanders desperate to come home. Delays occurred in ordering needed vaccines, and there was the disgraceful theft – described as the ‘requisitioning’ or ‘commandeering’ of rapid antigen testing packs (RATs) secured by the private sector.

While employers had ordered these as a measure of protection for their workforce, the government failed to do so, questioning their usefulness. Belatedly rethinking, it then helped itself to those already ordered by the private sector, and appropriated some already in the country.

The inability of Ardern’s government to keep election promises such as tackling mental health and suicide rates; stopping selling off state housing; investing in much-needed infrastructure; eliminating child poverty – the reason our Prime Minister said she got into politics – represents a spectacular failure to deliver – as with home ownership, a lost dream for so many.

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Jacinda Ardern – on the way out, but crowing - article for the Spectator Australia by Amy
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Jacinda Arden

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