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How to ensure the UK takes back control on exiting the transition period by Centre for Brexit Policy

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Here is the report dated July 2020 entitled:

REPLACING THE WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT - How to ensure the UK takes back control on exiting the transition period by Centre for Brexit Policy". See link below.

Download • 896KB

Here is also a statement by the Attorney General explaining the Government’s legal position on the UK Internal Market Bill which was introduced on 9 September.

Download PDF • 99KB

The Centre for Brexit Policy ( ) is a new think tank backed by cross-party politicians and veterans of the national Brexit debate. It has been formed to propose the critical policy changes enabled by Brexit that will boost national prosperity and well-being in years to come, as well as help ensure that Britain fully ‘takes back control’ when it leaves the European Union.

The Centre for Brexit Policy (CBP) aspires to trigger a deep and wide debate about what Brexit should mean for the UK over the next decade or two. By providing a focus for the development of post-Brexit public policy, the CBP hopes to help formulate an overarching framework for the UK that maximises the opportunities Brexit affords. This will be promoted to government, Parliamentarians, and within public discourse – welcoming contributions from fair-minded people of all stripes who want to see Brexit open a new and fruitful chapter in our country’s life. Thus, the CBP will aim to perform a role similar to that played by the Centre for Policy Studies when it helped to pioneer the controversial reforms of the British economy implemented by Margaret Thatcher’s government of the 1980s.

The Centre for Brexit Policy has three core objectives:

1. Identify the benefits and opportunities of Brexit across the full spectrum of economic, trade, social, foreign, defence and security policy areas and propose new policies for the government’s agenda.

2. Continue to make the intellectual, evidence-based case for a ‘real’ Brexit and provide the government with clear and constructive advice on how to deal with ongoing negotiation and implementation issues. A ‘real’ Brexit, means regaining full control over our laws, borders, seas, trade, and courts, regardless of the route taken to achieve these.

3. Check any attempts to dilute a real Brexit, as well as serving as a catalyst and rallying point for positive news stories that, over time, will be able to persuade and demonstrate the many substantial advantages of Brexit.

Delivery of these objectives will be based on professional, substantive fact-based research by experts in their fields leading to authoritative reports, short papers, OpEds, events, and briefing meetings – both within and without government.

The Centre for Brexit Policy will be supported by a cadre of expert CBP Fellows drawn from multiple disciplines to provide additional expertise and experience in developing an agenda for policy change that will ensure the British people benefit from Brexit. Additional support will be provided by a CBP Business Forum that will bring a business perspective to shaping CBP’s agenda, provide input to policy proposals, and deliver a pro-Brexit business voice.

Further to the above, the Centre for Brexit Policy has issued a further report dated October 2020 on this subject entitled "THE EU DEAL UNMASKED - Twelve Reasons Why the UK Will Fail to Get a Canada-Style Deal". Here is the article in pdf:

Download PDF • 920KB

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