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How the Skills Bill will revolutionise the route from learning to earning - Nadhim Zahawi - 15.02.22

To the charge that the government is not doing enough to realise its levelling up agenda, we enclose the following article for the New Statesman from the Secretary of State for Education himself, Nadhim Zahawi.

“My mission is to ensure everyone has the chance to make the most of their potential and to get the training that is likely to lead to a satisfying job, wherever they live.

The Skills Bill is the backbone of all of this. Alongside our wider reform plans, it will promote lifelong upskilling and help transform post-16 education and training and make us an economic force to be reckoned with on the global stage. The pandemic has taught us that the world can change in the blink of an eye. To recover from this – and any other similar event in the future – we need to be far more flexible and far more agile.

Upskilling will be funded by a lifelong loan entitlement which will “enable people to train, retrain and upskill throughout their lives and in a way that suits them.”

The economy of the 21st century will be digital and sustainable and the agenda for reform will need to put these new technologies at its heart.

As an addendum, we also include an article by Richard Hamer, director of skills training at BAE Systems as an example of the application of the policy within the work place.

Both articles can be read here with links to the originals beneath them:

Article for The New Statesman by Nadhim Zahawi - How the skills bill will revolutionise th
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Article for the New Statesman by Richard Hamer - An agenda to boost employment and protect
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