Further Education: the Augar Report and government white paper on FE

We enclose a full copy and summary explanation of Philip Augar's report and the government's response to it in the white paper which we have added as an addendum in the article beneath it.

Together they form part of a wide-ranging review into the entire tertiary education sector. This is a policy area we will continue to monitor on a regular basis, so important is it to our social and economic well-being.

The Augar Report and Government FE white
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Writing for FE Week, Billy Camden provides a summary analysis of the government's further education white paper which we enclose in the article below.

"The white paper’s reforms...released to the press ahead of publication, include a greater role for employer groups, such as Chambers of Commerce as previously reported by FE Week, in developing courses on offer, new college “business centres”, and further details on a new lifelong loan entitlement, which will not kick in until after the next general election, as part of the prime minister’s lifetime skills guarantee.

The white paper also sets out plans to “overhaul” the funding and accountability rules for the post-16 sector, which will be consulted on later this year. The DfE was already planning to run a consultation for its new £2.5 billion National Skills Fund in the spring.

As part of the reforms the DfE says it will “introduce new powers to intervene when colleges are failing to deliver good outcomes for the communities they serve.

The DfE has long-running concerns that there are colleges and areas across England with “persistent weaknesses” that they do not have the power to resolve until it is too late."

Article by Billy Camden for FE Week - FE
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