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France to begin building new ballistic missile subs - by Christina Mackenzie for the US Defense News

Christina Mackenzie is the France correspondent for the US Defense News.


What's quieter than a school of shrimp? Apparently four submarines expected to replace France's current Le Triomphant-class boats currently in service. (Naval Group)

PARIS — France has launched the program for its Navy’s third-generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, which will see four vessels eventually delivered to the service.

The Navy is expected to receive the first submarine in 2035, with the other three following at a schedule of one every five years.

These four boats, known in France as SNLE (sous-marin nucléaire lanceur d’engin) “will replace the current [ones] without a break,” Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly announced last week. She said the subs will sail until 2090. “The last sailors to patrol on this SNLE third generation have not yet been born.”

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Article from Defense news by Christina M
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