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Five ways Britain could really hurt Vladimir Putin - by Alan Mendoza - 24.02.22

As the world grapples with ways to impale ‘Mad Vlad’ we enclose two articles outlining practical measures Britain could take to help undermine the foundations which prop up his regime by Alan Mendoza and Oliver Bullough from the Telegraph and Guardian respectively.

Sanctions will barely scratch the surface. Instead, co-ordinated and widespread additional action is required from the closure of embassies and news networks to a ban on all the hosting of sporting and cultural events and the freeze and sequestration of Russian assets.

The latter, now deeply embedded within the UK’s legal and financial system needs to be rooted out urgently according to Oliver Bullough.

The two articles are enclosed below with links to the originals beneath them:

Article for the Telegraph by Alan Mendoza - Five ways Britain could really hurt Vladimir P
Download • 91KB

Article for the Guardian by Oliver Bullough - Boris Johnson claims the UK is rooting out d
Download • 201KB

Hit 'em where it hurts - 'Putin's cronies'

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