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Europe's black-out skirmish - by Henrik Paulitz & Kalte Sommer for Handelsblatt

"On 8 January 2021, the European electricity grid only just missed a large-scale collapse. Around 13:04 p.m. there was a sharp drop in frequency that could have paralysed Europe."

"The reason is the strong expansion of volatile renewable electricity generation and the elimination of large backup power plants in Europe. The output of 50 gigawatts going offline in Europe corresponds to “more than two hundred Danube power plants”. According to Wien Energie, the electricity grids are exposed to ever greater fluctuations. The number of emergency operations has increased from around 15 to up to 240 per year in recent years."

Here is the article in full with a link to the original below it:

Article by Henrik Paulitz Kalte Sonne fo
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