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EU defence ambitions still pose a threat to Global Britain’s sovereignty - by Veterans for Britain

This very important article dated 14th February 2021 was passed to me by Dr Lee Rotherham, a director of Veterans for Britain.

The article begins with these words:

The forthcoming root and branch reset of the civil service led in the Cabinet Office by Lord Agnew and Baroness Finn is greatly to be welcomed. Ministers are – and should be able to be – critically reliant on the civil service to be honest, genuinely objective, consciously subordinate and also on the ball. The politicisation of the higher civil service is one of Tony Blair’s most pernicious legacies leading to civil servants acting routinely ultra vires; and after the shocking experiences of 2016-20, a reset is very necessary because evidence shows that so many civil servants are both ideological and professional rejoiners. Veterans for Britain has warned since 2016 of specific problems of this type in respect of defence and international security and explains here why and precisely how, without active measures, the most fundamental aspects of recovered British sovereignty are still at risk of erosion by ‘alignment’ with the EU despite formal exclusion from the successful Frost/Lewis-led trade negotiation.

The article dissects the issues and in doing so makes this statement regarding the Values of Global Britain – origins and evolutions

The values of ‘Global Britain’ are not new forged but long tempered by time. In essence they are the same as those which, during its three hundred year history, impelled the British Empire to lead the world in freeing slaves – latterly and in great number from Ottoman and Arab slavers and owners – for longer than the period when it enslaved them itself. The British used the Royal Navy and spent almost as much money from 1816-1842 in attempting to suppress the trans-atlantic slave trade as was earned in profits in the forty seven years before the Slave Trade Act of 1807 prohibited slavery throughout the British Empire. Those civilising as well as self-interested values were up-dated and inscribed by Eyre Crowe, the Foreign Office’s principal German specialist, in his January 1907 memorandum on the present state of British relations with France and Germany where he wrote that, “more than any other non-insular Power, [Britain] has a direct and positive interest in the maintenance of the independence of nations.” This, he observed, was best achieved by a balance of power. Britain, “therefore must be the natural enemy of any country threatening the independence of others, and the natural protector of the weaker communities” [emphasis added].

For the full article please click on this link:

EU defence ambitions still pose a threat
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