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Et tu Cambrigia? The Cambridge Faculty of Classics Capitulates to 'Decolonisation' Campaigners

Our campaign to monitor freedom of expression in the classroom continues. Following on from our coverage of the ‘History Reclaimed’ movement by Cambridge Professors Robert Tombs and David Abulafia (See Education Section: Top Scholars launch fightback against woke brigade’s ‘blatantly false’ reading of history), a similar story seems to be overtaking the University's Classics department as well.

We commend the bravery of two Cambridge students in exposing the threats to the fundamentals of intellectual inquiry including freedom of thought and expression which are now under direct threat from the Faculty’s Action Plan:

“[It]…contains much that should alarm those concerned about academic freedom, freedom of speech and the right to learn free from ideological indoctrination. The Plan is redolent with the language and untested suppositions of Critical Race Theory or ‘CRT’. Among its provisions are: commitments to limit or suppress freedom of speech by the creation of a system for reporting ‘microaggressions’ (AP 9); to employ ethnicity as a criterion for selecting speakers at seminars ‘as well as academic merit’ (AP 6); likewise to employ positive discrimination in recruitment as far legally possible (AP 4); to be ‘sensitive to the language we use and the power it has to perpetuate harm’ (AP 13; ‘harm’ is a frequently-used trope by those who want to shut down freedom of speech); to make the contentious and unscientific practice of ‘unconscious bias training’ a mandatory part of the assessment process for academic staff.”

The full article in pdf published by "Briefings for Britain" can be read here with a link to the original link at the top:

The Cambridge Faculty of Classics Capitulates to 'Decolonisation' Campaigners
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Here is the link:

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