DAVID CAMPBELL BANNERMAN: How to save the British Union - 24 February 2021

DAVID CAMPBELL BANNERMAN is a former Conservative MEP, current chairman of the Freedom Association, and a leading Brexit campaigner.

The Scottish Parliamentary elections on 6th May are the most important for the future of the British Union for years; its implications are likely to spiral all around the rest of the UK, Europe and further afield, one way or another.

As a proud Anglo Scot and Edinburgh University graduate, who supports Scotland at rugby – even if it takes 38 years between wins at Twickenham – I am strongly pro-Union and intensely interested in the Scottish Conservatives doing far better than expected, as the only credible alternative to the SNP. Ideally, I’d like to see us form a pro-Union Government.

My relative, one of Scotland’s great reforming Prime Ministers Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, was a devotee of ‘Home Rule – All Round’ (4 Parliaments including England, and Ireland) and was Prime Minister on the 200th Anniversary of the Union in 1907. He was right to call the Union “a mighty construct” that does not “de-Scottify” the proud Scot.

Lord do we need change. What is happening just now in Scotland would disgrace a tin pot dictatorship. The latest scandal of the Crown Office interfering and telling the Scottish Parliament what it can or cannot publish, allegedly due to the pressure of the SNP administration, and the redaction of the parts of Alex Salmond’s evidence that allege his protégé – the woman he ‘made’ as he put it – lied and misled Parliament, are utterly shameful. The SNP Administration, the husband and wife partnership at the top of the SNP, are acting as if they are beyond the law. Officers and whole institutions are being compromised and trashed.

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