Cuadrilla given extra year to evaluate fracking wells – BBC News - 31.03.22

As the impending energy crisis leaps to the top of the political agenda following the invasion of Ukraine, the government embarks on a rapid U-turn over fracking.

According to the BBC

“Regulators have lifted an order for the controversial wells near Blackpool to be capped with concrete.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been under pressure from Conservative MPs to end a 2019 moratorium on fracking.

The move comes ahead of the publication of the government's delayed energy strategy.

The North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) said the firm now had until the end of June 2023 to evaluate options for the Preston New Road and Elswick sites.”

Greenpeace meanwhile continues to advocate a combination of heat pumps, renewables and home insulation as the quickest and best way to address the impending crisis.

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BBC News - Cuadrilla given extra year to evaluate fracking wells - 31.03.22
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