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Coming home after Covid and Brexit - by Sarah Butler for The Guardian

"UK factories could be making up to £4.8bn more goods for British retailers in the next 12 months as the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit prompt businesses to bring home production."

Brexit, Global warming and the pandemic are set to transform the fortunes of Britain's manufacturers principally in food and fashion, but potentially also in DIY products and homewares.

"Retail businesses are making changes after the pandemic highlighted structural weaknesses in global supply chains – which can be slow to adapt to sudden increases or drops in demand caused by shock events or rapidly changing consumer tastes.

"The possibility of a no-deal Brexit – under which tariffs as high as 80% could be introduced on some meat and dairy products, 12% on clothing and 16% on footwear – has also prompted retailers to consider alternative options...

"Consumer and investor demand for more sustainability is also playing a big role in the change as the environmental cost of shipping goods from the far east, with many ending up unwanted, is now being factored in."

Here is the article in full in pdf with a link to the original beneath it.

Manufacturing sector
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