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Climate - CO2 Natures Gift - Book by Jeremy Nieboer for the Bruges Group - 2023

Updated: Feb 4

Introduction by Dr Rudolph Kalveks

Jeremy Nieboer provides a nice exposition of the academic work by eminent physicists and climate scientists, such as Professors Christy, Happer, Lindzen, Plimer and van Wijngaarden, amongst many others, which demonstrates that there is no scientific basis for belief in a “Climate Crisis” due to anthropogenic emissions of CO2.

The references provided permit the curious reader to establish the veracity of the book's key claims.

Civilised society is in desperate need of such antidotes to the prevailing climate hysteria promulgated by misguided activists, sensationalist media and shallow politicians.

One can only hope that our politicians become suitably well-informed to repeal the 2008 Climate Change Act and ensuing legislation, which are the real culprits behind the UK's current energy crisis.

For a summary of this book in pdf, please click here:

Climate - CO2 Natures Gift by Jeremy Nieboer for the Bruges Group - 2023
Download PDF • 312KB

For the full 80 page book please buy it from Amazon using this link:

or in pdf, please click here:

CO2 Nature's Gift - 14.07.22
Download PDF • 5.54MB

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