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Dr Lee Rotherham argues for Civil Service Reform in the UK for the Post-Brexit World

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Here is an excellent article by Dr Lee Rotherham (the director of The Red Cell think tank - for today’s Global Vision UK entitled: Civil Service Reform for the Post-Brexit World. The article ends with this assertion:

“Brexit demands major changes. Leaving the EU means stripping away levels of distant, obscure, complex and particularly undemocratic administrative hierarchy from British governance – the Brussels knotweed of our times. These changes are on top of the reforms needed to address increasingly familiar failings within Whitehall itself. Some are specific, with certain departments carrying worse reputations than others. Others are generic across the civil service. After a long drought, a hard rain is indeed overdue. But it must not become an all-devouring flash flood that takes away the good as well as the bad. That includes the levees that might protect us all from any maliciously radical – and literally revolutionary – Neo-Corbynite government in the future.”

You can read the full article if you follow this link or or download the pdf file below: 

You can also download the Red Cell report dated July 2020 in pdf mentioned in the last paragraph of the article if you follow this link: 

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