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Can Europe survive the age of the strongman? by Aris Roussinos for UnHerd - 21.09.22

Europe will need to fall back on its own resources rather than relying on others to meet the challenges which threaten to engulf it, argues Aris Roussinos in an article for UnHerd.

Democracy counts for nothing without the back-up of ‘hard’ power, and Europe’s reliance on the US to defend it and Russia to supply its energy needs, have exposed its platitudes on the defence of freedom for the empty assurances they always were.

The one leader who seems to have understood this is Emmanuel Macron:

“…geopolitics is gradually being structured around a competition between the United States and China”, in which China “can legitimately challenge” the American-led order and “redefine the rules of the international game”. The result, for Macron, is that “we will also have to rearm ourselves morally”.

Macron concludes:

“We must be a strong nation which, as I said, knows what the price of freedom is.”

The full article can be read below with a link to the original here:

Can Europe survive the age of strongmen - by Aris Roussinos for Unherd - 21.09.22
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Armenian men rally in Yerevan (KAREN MINASYAN/AFP via Getty Images)

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