Britain must follow America's example and cut back the woke Blob - by Steven Edginton - 26.07.22

"A gasoline-engorged bonfire of the quangos is now long overdue," according to Telegraph columnist and interviewer Steven Edginton.

The euphoria which accompanied the General Election victory of 2019 with the promise 'to get Brexit done' has all but evaporated and the much anticipated root-and-branch reform of central government has simply not materialised. We have waited long enough:

"The next prime minister must remember those two results in 2016 and 2019 and finally take on the behemoth known as the Blob."

Vested interests are already at work trying to sabotage particular government initiatives:

"Home Office officials are openly discussing techniques to “resist” the government’s Rwanda migration plan, with an internal civil service message board used to compare the scheme’s implementation to Nazis who were “just following orders”.

In recent months I have discovered dozens of examples from within Whitehall of contested identity politics, divisive race dogma and unscientific trans nonsense being permeated at all levels.

This year alone Whitehall lawyers were told to imagine a “gay Japanese grandfather” in a workshop aimed at combatting hidden prejudices, DHSC officials were invited to “safe space” sessions to raise concerns about the government’s policy on trans conversion therapy and Treasury workers were asked to a “Male allyship” event to stop sexism."

The message is clear:

"To restore public trust in our bureaucracy and the sacred baton of Whitehall impartiality, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak must get serious about dismantling this industry."

The full article can be read below with a link to the original here:

Britain must follow America - article by STEVEN EDGINTON - for the Telegraph - 26.07.22
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