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Britain is the envy of the world - by Sherelle Jacobs for the Telegraph - 20.09.22

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

As we bid a final farewell to our late Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II, we echo the words of Sherelle Jacobs in her moving tribute to a much missed, widely respected and deeply loved monarch.

“Today, the country can feel pride once again in its ability to execute a momentous royal event. But more than that, our country has, in its own way, shown itself to be a model for the world to follow. Read the copious foreign press reports, and it’s clear that other nations have detected in Britain something that they admire and wish they could emulate. Not necessarily the pomp and pageantry of ancient institutions and custom; rather, an elegant confidence and a quiet resilience that can only come from finding a balance between modernity and tradition.

In short, almost every country is tortured by the same question: how to reconcile tradition and modernity. And in Britain, many can see the tantalising glimmers of an answer.

This is not a perfect country. But we can be proud that, in the late Queen, we were blessed with something that eludes much of the rest of the world – a rock, a lodestar, an unchanging logos in an ever-changing world. May she rest in peace.”

Thank you Ma’am.

The full article can be read below with a link to the original here:

Article by Sherelle Jacobs for the Telegraph - Britain is the envy of the world - 20.09
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