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Britain could get seven new nuclear power stations by 2050 – News from ConservativeHome – 03.04.22

"Britain could build up to seven new nuclear power stations as part of a radical expansion of homegrown energy following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the Business Secretary has said. In an interview with The Telegraph, Kwasi Kwarteng said "there is a world where we have six or seven sites in the UK" by 2050 as part of a push for self-reliance. Ministers have agreed to set up a development vehicle, Great British Nuclear, to identify sites, cut through red tape to speed up the planning process and bring together private firms to run each site. As a first step, Boris Johnson is preparing to announce plans to significantly expand the existing commitment to back one new large-scale nuclear power station by 2024." - Sunday Telegraph

  • Lego style nuclear plant made by module - Mail on Sunday

  • Government in talks to build 'hundreds' of mini-reactors across UK - Sunday Telegraph

  • Prime Minister wants ‘colossal’ wind farm in Irish Sea - Sunday Times

  • Fracking ban set to be reviewed after pressure from Tory MPs - Sunday Telegraph

  • Protesters continue to block UK oil terminals despite more than 100 arrests - The Observer

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