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Brexit – A Fresh Start - message from Jayne Adye - January 14th, 2022

We are re-posting this message from Jayne Adye the director of Get Britain Out as we believe that she is doing an excellent job by tackling many of the issues that have continued to arise since we left the EU but are not dealt with by us on our website as we are focussing on other issues that need to be dealt with now that we are out.

Here is her message:

I have written about this before, I know, but unfortunately Brexit is not done and dusted, so Get Britain Out still needs to continue our fight to help to deliver a Real Brexit this year. I know with the rising cost of living, not everyone can afford to help, but donations have reduced and we cannot carry on without money.

Still no big donors have come forward without wanting ‘cash for influence’ and unfortunately the opportunities of Brexit for our country have not yet been fully achieved. Now, with Liz Truss in charge, it is more important than ever we give Brexiteers across the country a loud voice to drown out the calls from Remainers to water down the UK’s negotiating stance.

(NOTE: The ‘Remain’ groups are apparently heavily recruiting staff, so we have a great deal to cope with!)

If you value the work we do and can afford to do so, please can I ask you to dig deep and help us keep fighting for a Real Brexit.

Here is the link to her message online and a copy of her message in pdf:



Brexit - A fresh start 14.01.22
Download PDF • 535KB

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